Soulful Individuality

Since 1987, Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen has been designing unique dresses for private customers. Evening gowns designed by Pohjalainen can be seen on ministers and parliament members at the National Day reception; dancers, singers and actresses wear them in other events and occasions as well.

When designing a unique dress, the starting point is always the desires of the customer. If a customer, for example, wishes to use the same dress for many years, Pohjalainen designs the matching accessories to modify the dress uniquely for each occasion already at the beginning of the process.

 It is good to reserve about half a year for the order of a unique dress. By taking into consideration all the wishes of the customer, carefully selecting the material and having several fittings at the seamstress, we can guarantee that the wearer of the dress feels herself to be the queen of the night.

The strength of Pohjalainen in designing unique dresses is in the fact that she can design matching jewellery, and also her connections with the best make-up artists and hairdressers in Finland. With all these, a complete and stunning evening outfit is created.


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