Unique glass sculpture by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen in co-operation with Maestro Mariano Moro and Amber Hauch in Murano, Italy, 2017.

The work has been blown and sculpted in eight parts while still hot. All of the parts have been cut flat on both sides and ground bright. The metallic glimmer and colour inside has been added to the hot glass mass to form a veil between layers.

Afterwards the surfaces have been cut and carved with a chisel to give these sculptures an “Ice” effect. This is a method created by Amber Hauch.

The work of art: 8 parts, attached to the base, height 600 mm x width 520 mm x depth 330 mm

The base: 800 mm x 600 mm, melted glass, thickness of the glass 40 mm

35 000 €



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