JUNE 6 - 28 2018, G12 GALLERY KUOPIO

Kolme tanssijaa

Unique glass sculptures made by Pohjalainen in Murano, Italy, now first time displayed in Finland

To the summer exhibition in G 12 Gallery, Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen will bring about 30 unique glass sculptures made in Murano, Italy. Pohjalainen has worked in Murano, the heart of European glass art and skills, since 2016. This is when she began working on her art together with the world-renowned glass blower, Maestro Pino Signoretto. Maestro Signoretto unfortunately passed away due to a sudden illness in the beginning of 2018. The woman figurines, now on display in Kuopio, remain as the last works of art made in cooperation with him.

Now Maestros Mariano Moro and Achille Deste along with their teams are making Pohjalainen’s new sculptures a reality. Amber Hauch, an American lady glass blower, has participated in the all processes of works.

The latest display of Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen's works was in Yun Jian Art Museum in Shanghai in October 2017, some of which will be now seen in the exhibition at G12 Gallery in Kuopio. G12 exhibition will include also a series of new unique sculptures, “Shanghai Inspirations” which were born in Murano in 2018.

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