Finnish Glass Art exhibition opening in Shanghai


The opening ceremony of the glass art exhibition of Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen was held yesterday, 12.10. in Yun Jian Art Museum, Shanghai World Financial Center. The opening guests were from the highest lead of the City of Shanghai Pudong, the represantitives of local galleries and museums and respected art professors.

Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen’s glass art exhibition of 52 unique sculptures opened yesterday in Shanghai. The exhibition has been prepared for over two years. The vice Governor of the City of Pudong and the Director General of the Ministry of Culture, Department of Arts, Zhu Di, the Head of the Culture bureau of Shanghai Pudong, Huang Wei, the head curator of the Shanghai Glass Museum, Zhang Lin and the professor of glass art, Zhuang Xiaowei were present at the opening. The opening ceremony started with the reception at the vice Governor’s office at the City Hall.  

”To deliver glass art from Finland to China has been an enormous effort. For the past nights we have been building the exhibition. Now the exhibition is ready and I can’t be more thankful and satisfied. The knowledge of art and the respect from the opening guests feels very good. Many have been impressed how I use different materials in my design. The exhibition has interested the Chinese media widely”, Pohjalainen says.

Finnish glass art is very new to the Chinese public. Scandinavian design is very unique and trendy in China. The glass art professor of the respected university, Fine Arts college of Shanghai, Zhuang Xiaowei tells that glass art is quite new phenomena in China.

”Scandinavian design is personal and calming for us Chinese. The exhibition of Pohjalainen is deep and full of interpretation”, Zhuang Xiaowei describes.

The glass art exhibition is present in Shanghai until 27th October. The sculptures have been created in co-operation with world famous glass blowers Pino Signoretto and Mariano Moro in Murano, Italy. Signoretto has worked with artists like Picasso, Dali, Pomodoro and Chihuly. Part of the sculptures have been created in Nuutajärvi, Finland with Glass Circus.

At the same time with the opening of the exhibition a new virtual art gallery for registered users and mediagallery are opened in the corporate website of Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen. Through them all public can experience the exhibition globally. From the webpage you can also find the video that is shown in the exhibition. The video consists of the interview of Pohjalainen.


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