The glass art exhibition goes digital with QR codes

Etusivu firestorm

The demand for unique Finnish glass art abroad is on a steady rise. The fact that the art is based on uncompromising execution, a unique story and authenticity makes investing in it interesting and attractive. The Chinese market is also opening up to Finnish art.

While working on the exhibition arrangements, it became apparent that in China the exhibition visitors want to explore the art works on the mobile screen by scanning the QR code. In China, 900 million users have caused a digital tsunami, as the digital wallet and payment associated with the WeChat application work with code scanning. Getting acquainted with products this way is already such an integral part of the Chinese culture that we also created the opportunity to browse the art works and the information connected to them directly on the smartphone screen using the QR codes.

In China, digital communication is already strongly present in the culture, and the exhibition has attracted attention in the media. Art media brought up the exhibition in various media channels across the country. The opening of the exhibition has been reported in several news reports and many art specialists recommend the exhibition in their own networks.

"Everyone wants to take a photo of himself with one of the art works and the artist. Visitors are delighted and ask me for a 10 second demonstration and share it in their social media channels." 
Ritva-Liisa tells about her experiences.

Investors and art collectors love to find new talents who can touch people with their art. The opportunity to get directly acquainted with the artist's work, and thus guarantee the authenticity of the works, is appreciated, because the amount of art forgery has been increasing lately. Especially in the Chinese market, the artist's experience and diversity are of great value. The appreciation of the artist and the art works increases with the help of foreign exhibitions and art auctions.

The Art & Wine event for invited guests only will be held as part of the Shanghai Exhibition on October 21 2017, where local art galleries, art enthusiasts and investors can meet Ritva-Liisa and hear the stories that have been inspiring the artist.

The virtual gallery supports art purchases 

Art has moved to the Internet. Among the large art galleries, for example, Saatchi has invested heavily in digitalization. We wanted gallerists, museums, art investors and others who are interested in the art works to have easy access to it, regardless of time and place. When signed in the virtual gallery that supports the exhibition, it is easy to communicate interest in the art works just by clicking a button and the inquiries are transmitted to customer service. 

Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen’s glass art is most impressive when seen and experienced in the exhibition, but with the help of the virtual gallery, it is globally accessible.


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