In the mountains of Lapland

Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen uniikit lapin tuntureilla

The sculpture "In the mountains of Lapland" was exhibited in the Shanghai exhibition. The heart of winter is the white of cotton wool snow, illuminated by the moon and stars and brightened with the Aurora Borealis. On cloudless nights, the Arctic colours flash across the sky like fire. The twinkling galaxy behind them and the stars named thousands of years ago by humans connect our minds to the universe, where knowledge turns back into mysticism.


The night the sea froze

the sky above us turnedvand took us into white.


The flurry filled the air with down

erased the horizon from the landscape

and cut out all the roads.


Only white remained.

The innocent white of a guardian angel

the clean smell of sheets

the snow that coversvthe branches

the timid look of a child,vand an ancient land glowing underneath.


The sculpture was created in Murano, Italy in co-operation with Maestro Mariano Moro and his team in 2017.



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