Co-operation with master glass blowers

Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen works with her unique glass sculptures in Murano, Italy and in Nuutajärvi, Finland. In Murano she works with one of the most eminent glass masters in the world, maestro Pino Signoretto. Signoretto and his team master exceptional glass techniques. That gives new possibilities also to Pohjalainen’s works of art.

”I have wondered if it would be possible to make a glass sculpture of a woman figure that has been present in my art for a long time. Pino Signoretto took this challenge and now it’s finally real. From the idea of the woman figure a series of sculptures was created. They tell a story of a Finnish woman and open a view to her soul”, Pohjalainen says.

Murano is an island in Venice. The island is especially known for its glass industry.

Finnish nature and history inspires

Pohjalainen’s art has been inspired by her childhood views in the coastline of Raahe, a city in Northern Finland. It is important for her to tell the story of a Finnish woman in her art. ”The girl in the woman figures made in Murano lives in me and in all of us. She is, according to one of the names of my glass sculptures, ”The Child of Finland”. She has looked at the horizon inside of me, grown together with trees and got her strength from fairy tales.” The co-operation in Murano continues. This time the making of the glass sculptures to Pohjalainen’s exhibition in Shanghai is in process. In October 2017 the sculptures made in Murano will be send to China where they are exhibited to millions of Chinese. The exhibition is held in Yun Jian Art Museum in Shanghai World Financial Center in 12.–27.10.2017.


The world's most beautiful investment

Finnish glass art has emerging international markets and makes it interesting to invest. Pre-sale of exhibitions artwork has begun. By leaving your contact information, we can send you a catalog of glass sculptures.

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